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Definitions and Acronyms

LO: Loved One

LBD: Lewy body dementia, also known as: Lewy body disease, diffuse Lewy body disease and cortical Lewy body disease (cognitive issues first followed by Parkinson’s like physical symptoms)

DLB: Dementia with Lewy bodies

PDD: Parkinson’s disease with dementia (physical symptoms first followed by cognitive decline

ANS: Autonomic Nervous System This is the part of the nervous system that regulates key functions of the body including the activity of the heart muscle, GI tract, urinary tract and other internal organs.

CAPGRAS SYNDROME: A delusional misidentification visual misperception in which the patient delusionally believes that someone close to him (spouse, caregiver) has been replaced by a similar-appearing imposter. (Heartbreaking, this happened daily with our dad who TRULY believed our mom, his wife of almost 60 years, looked like his wife, had all the stories, but was NOT our mom.)

DELUSIONS: False, often paranoid, beliefs that can appear alone or accompany dreams, hallucinations, or actual events.  Typical delusions include this of abandonment, loss, persecution, grandeur, control, or misidentification.

HALLUCINATIONS: A sensory experience in which a person can perceive what is not there. Visual hallucinations are the most common with dementia and particularly with lewy body. Hallucinations can also be auditory (hearing), gustatory (taste), kinesthetic (body movement), Lilliputian (people and and things appearing smaller than normal), musical (auditory hallucination concerning music), olfactory (smell), or tactile (touch). 

SHOWTIME: A period of time, usually in the presence of someone other than his care partner, when the person with dementia involuntarily appears more aware than usual.

ADVERSE REACTION/PARADOXICAL REACTION: An unexpected, unwanted, or dangerous reaction to a drug, and usually the opposite of the usual effect.  

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